Jigme Gyamtso the Llama
the doctor of Tibetan medicine and astrology

The brief biography


The brief biography of the Llama - Venerable doctor Jigme Gyamtso

In 1972 in Tibetan province Amdo the boy was born, his parents named him Tenzin Kiab. From the very beginning of his life the boy knew, who he becomes future. Three times the boy escaped from home, wishing to become a monk in a Buddhist monastery that was not far from his native village. His father has been returning the fugitive home three times, which was too small for entering the monastery. But his father could not keep for a long time persevering son at home and at 10 years the boy has been admitted to monk, having received new monastic name Jigme Gjamtso from the well-known prior of a monastery, scientist Gendjuna Gjamtso.
Jigme Gjamtso studied Buddhist philosophy and logic, methods of training mind and meditation, sutra and a tantra, and also Great Lamrit.
Then, Jigme Gjamtso has entered medical college which is a part of one of monastic complexes of Tibet where he started to study such disciplines as: bases of illnesses, anatomy, botany, dietology, pharmaceutics, procedures and medical components, the general and separate methods of treatment, treatment of illnesses of three dosha, treatment of internal illnesses, treatment of heat, illnesses of dense and hollow organs, children's illnesses, female illnesses, poisonings, treatment of barreness, examination of pulse and urine, bloodletting and cauterization, transmission of 4 tantras, poetry, Buddhist philosophy, history of the East, the Chinese language, etc., etc.
His Teachers are such Great of the doctrine as: Dampa Gjamtso, Sango, Setsan Rinpoche, Zaya-Pandita VIII, etc.
Successfully having finished the college, Venerable Jigme Gjamtso left for the capital of Tibet, Lhasa where having gone through strict selection entered the Higher Medical Academy. After graduating it he has entered postgraduate course and soon defended protected a degree of pandita of medical sciences.
In spring 1998, Jigme Gjamtso the Llama has came back to his native province Amdo. In his settlement which was very far from city, he has organized the construction of clinic, mortar, three-tier khurul and a secular elementary school. Construction has been completed in the autumn of the same year and, Venerable Jigme Gjamtso, headed the clinic he had constructed.
In 1999 Jigme the Llama again has left for Lhasa where he has defended a honourable degree of the doctor of medical sciences (tib. language - "rabjompa").
In January, 2000 Jigme the Llama has decided to leave the Native land and has gone to India where he has repeatedly had luck to meet His Holliness the Dalay-llama XIV. 
In Dharmasala he entered the institute where he studied Buddhist logic. Then His Holliness has directed Jigme the Llama to the north of India, in Ladak. There Jigme the Llama became the teacher of the Tibetan medicine and astrology at Buddhist institute "Zankar". 
Then, in winter 2001 Bogdo Gegyan has directed Venerable Jigme the Llama to Republic Kalmykia.
Now Jigme Gjamtso the Llama works as a doctor at the Republic Kalmykia Central Khurule - a Buddhist monastery "Geden Sheddup Choy Korling". He helps people not only treating them, but also carries out ceremonies and rituals, makes Buddhist lunar calendars and astrological forecasts.
Venerable Jigme Gjamtso the Llama frequently receives invitations from the Russian Buddhist centers in Volgograd, Krasnodar and other cities where he carries out treatment of patients, gives manual and lecture on Buddhist philosophy.


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